Customized Itineraries

Trip Length & Time of Year

How long should you spend in each city? How many side excursions can you fit it? When's the best month to visit Venice? Can you visit wineries in the summer? If you do private cooking lessons, will they let you cook or do you just watch? 

You've got questions and we've got answers!


Should you book hotels? Are AirBNBs safe? What about those agriturismos in the country? Are castles an option? Can we stay at the winery? We're here to walk you through all the possibilities and choose the best ones for your budget and intended trip.

Private Tours

Our guides are all licensed locals who excel at bringing their city alive for you and helping you feel as local as you want on your Italy trip!  We'll help you choose tours that make sense for your itinerary and group of discerning Italian travelers!


There are so many dining options in Italy and we want you to savor every meal and every morsel as an Italian traveler! We'll help you book your restaurants in advance and work you through the nuances of those that don't take reservations! 

Customized Italian Itineraries

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